Monday, January 12, 2009

There is some strange weather going on these days across the country. Our state being no exception. So far we've had 70 degree weather one day and 30 degree the next and probably the most rain we've seen in several years. The mud out here is endless. I'm so tired of mud but then again, I'd rather be battling a foot of water and mud in the fields rather than eight feet of snow so I'll be quiet before we get blessed with our own snowfall.

This weird weather definitely takes horse keeping to a more challenging level. I left home one day last week to run a few errands, wasn't even gone two hours before the sunny skies turned into an ominous grey and the wind picked up drastically. The bottom fell out as I turned onto our road. You barely see with the wind blowing the rain so hard to the side it was comparable to staring at a wall. It left quite a bit of damage through the county for the whole ten minutes it took it to blow through.

I made it home only to find Rose and Rumor just huddling it out in rain. Rose is not your usual horse in this type of weather. We've noticed over the year she's been with us if she's out in the rain, rather than turn her tail to the wind and torrential downfall, she faces it head on. She will not turn her tail to the weather. I went out to get them so they could dry out in their stalls (the rain was bitter cold) and I pulled out the cellphone and tried to get the image. You can faintly make out Rumor was standing against the weather like normal but Rosie was headfirst, head tucked beside Rumor's rear.

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The Brush Family said...

The weather has been crazy! I am in Washington state, we've already had our first snowfall (which is pretty unusual in the Seattle area), that melted off and then it rained and rained and rained some more. We now have record flooding and avalanches in the mountains. For a few days there the only way out of Western WA was through Canada or by plane, all the other roads were closed.
I would LOVE a few days of 70 degrees so we could dry out a little bit, kind of tired of being damp. :)