Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have come to learn that cleaning and refilling the water trough while Rose and her partner in crime, Rumor are in that particular field has become quite a challenge.

Since we have so much mud now, I ended up having to move water troughs way up into the high end of the worst fields. I really don't know why I try so hard. Those dingbats would rather drink out of the mud puddles as opposed to walking ALL the way to water troughs, like it's a 12 mile hike or something!

Regardless I did my faithful duty of providing fresh water and Rose provided the entertainment. Any other fields, I can lay in the hose and walk away to do other chores while the tanks fill. Not while Rose is around. I get so far as of out of the field and Rosie has the hose in her mouth, Rumor grabs another end and there they both are "playing tug of war" or "shake each other's face off" with the hose. I turn around and trudge back into the field and they both drop the hose and take off. Rinse mud off hose and continue to fill the tank. Tried walking away again. No sooner than my back was turned, they were both at it again. I turn around and they take off once more. This time I figured it would get done faster if I just stayed there, twiddled my thumbs and wait for the hundred gallon tank to fill. As I stood there, of course they come up to harass me. At one point, it was a stare off between the Aussies and Rose, the Aussies daring her to come any closer to me. Rose barrels on through their protective line, a few swipes at her nose taken by Phoenix, but Rose prevailed only to go for that hose once again. I eventually got the tank filled. Only to walk out of the field with Rose right on my heels. It didn't take but a few minutes to figure out what she was after. One of my gloves was dangling out of my right pocket and she grabbed it and wouldn't you would know she would still have water stored in her mouth so my hands already frozen, I had to wrench a sopping wet glove from those teeth. Little beast.


KD said...

Young'uns are a mess aren't they? She sounds like a lot of fun. How is her back looking?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Rose is one of a kind. Maybe she could be trained as a Trick Pony spreading laughter wherever she goes :D


OldMorgans said...

She is like my Morgans--into everything! Annoying, but vastly enertaining. Sure enjoy reading about her.