Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hay waste in its finest form. I decided to trade out the fields between Rose and Rumor and our two geldings. Of course the geldings had the hay roll and it proved to be a high form of entertainment for the two girls. As soon as I turned Rose loose, she hit the hay, literally.

She crawled all over it, climbed on top, scratched her butt, dug out holes with both front feet and flipped it into the air with her nose. Of course while she's doing all this, I'm standing at the water troughs breaking ice. I debated running to the house for the camera but it was just too far away I broke out the cellphone once again and captured what I could.


Stelladorro said...

I love watching horses destoy round bales! Mine like to sleep in their's instead of eating it, and then in the morning they go attack the dead grass in the pasture and leave their very ruined bale behind.

Do you think guy has lordosis? I know there is more pictures of him somewhere, I just can't find them at the moment. He's a two year old arab with a very dipped back.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Silly Rose! Looks like a horsie version of a ball pit!

TrotterGirl said...

Silly horses! I have a girl who had a injury at birth and has an injury to her back end. Chiropractic works wonders on her, but she has developed a personality like Rose. Into everything and in trouble all the time!! But I love her for that! I have watched your story from the beginning and looking at the pictures today, her back looks not so bad!! It really looks better!! Keep up the wonderful work with her and love her always!!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about Rose's antics. She sounds so mischievious, always into something and on to something new. And her "help" with the hose is hilarious! :o) Thanks for sharing her with us.