Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've added a new link list to the blog and have started featuring Rose videos on YouTube. So far there's only one short I uploaded and I hope to have another one loaded in a few days. We're still on outdated dial up and when I load a short video, even a 40 second one, well, it could take an hour or two to load. The longer ones, an all nighter. This video is of Rosie playing with the leaf blower.

Several months ago, Halie and I noticed that when we blew out the barn aisle with the battery powered leaf blower, Rose was fascinated with it. Phoenix, our red Aussie, would jump around and try to bite the end of it and when we'd hold it up in the air, she'd wrap her lips around it and hang on. We noticed Rose would try to grab it with her lips while reaching as far as she could underneath the web gate when we'd blow by. Finally one afternoon, Halie just went ahead and stuck it up in the air in front of Rose so she could finally get her lips around the thing she's watched the dog play with, and she's been doing it for fun ever since.


Paint Horses For Sale said...

That's funny! Gives new meaning to the word "wind sucker"!

Glad to have you back! We missed you guys!


Stelladorro said...

Glad to have you back, I was in a slight panic when the blog vanished!

Ouch on that kick though, I've gotten nailed a few times, and each time I can look back and say 'well, that was stupid!', at whatever I happened to be doing at the time.

OldMorgans said...

I am so glad you are back. I was wondering what had happened to make the blog disappear. I'll have to wait to see the videos tomorrow at my store as I have only dial up here at home & can't do videos. Now I can read about Rosie & you again!

Jst4Fun said...

So glad to have you back! I don't comment much but I sure enjoy reading about Rose and her antics! I also recently purchased a 2 yr old who is an appendix QH and she is great but is pretty swaybacked, good news though I've been riding her (lightly) and her back hasn't gotten sore at all, so maybe there's hope for Rose to be ridden too!
Anyway, please keep the blog up!