Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I would like to think that if this much trouble can ever get under saddle, it may be a very good thing. If I am ever able to get this horse a job, I think she'd be pretty good at holding that job and probably loving every minute of it.
There's not a minute goes by that Rose doesn't go looking for something to get into. She's just HAS to be a ferret in a horse's body.

Granted, it's the holidays. I'm still busy as usual. She doesn't get to see to much of me these days and probably won't until after Christmas. As to the herd, I'm just the good food fairy and they look forward to the times when I come out of my castle and wave my fairy wand and produce those scrumptious meals. However, there's not a single horse out there that will look for me as Rosie does. I watch her through the windows while getting house things done or while I'm getting the baking out of the way and wrapping gifts and she will stand in one corner of the field what seems to be forever and she'll stare, directly at the back porch, like she's waiting for the magic back door to open. The others, they'll only acknowledge my existence when they actually SEE me step off the back porch. Rosie will just stand there and stare and stare then she'll finally get ticked off, chase Rumor for a few strides, grab a few bites off the hay pile then go back to that same corner and fix her eyes on the back of the house again.
I must be some good food fairy!

Yesterday afternoon, while throwing out hay, I was steering the four wheeler out of the gate, lifted the bed to dump any remaining hay and Rosie stuck her head through the U shape in the dump bed. I immediately thought "awww, photo moment", whipped out the 'ole cellphone camera and managed to capture a moment of Rosie pretending the seat was the layout of an all you can eat buffet!


OldMorgans said...

Gotta love the upholstry chewers. Does she chew on the hydraulic lines of a tractor? Another favorite as those have a nice chewy consistency and give to them.

L.L. said...

That was a cute video with the leaf blower! What a silly horse!

Anonymous said...

So heres a thought.. Lets say it gets to the point where she can't be ridden, could she drive? I was out driving my little mini the other day and randomly went omg could rose do this? Just a thought

Chris said...

Eheheh, reminds me of feed run time with the yearlings and weanlings trying to take a chunk out of the bike! Curious little things.