Saturday, November 27, 2010

THIS. . . IS. . . IT!
As of today, the beginning chapter of Rose's life will close. For me however, it is an event of mixed emotions. When you're swirling joy and apprehension all around in the same pot, it's bound to make for an interesting result WHICH means I'll be keeping myself very busy up until the last minute. I haven't even decided if I really want to watch the run. Half of me of course wants to but the other half is scared to death. I really have never been much of a gambler and the one thing you can relate horse showing to is gambling. There are just so many variables that can project different outcomes. Then again, I tell myself to let it all go and just let what may happen, happen. It's completely out of my hands whether it's up to a higher authority in the cosmos or just complete luck, I cannot decide the outcome. I know what I'd like it to be, but we all know you can't always get what you want (thank you Mick Jagger for enlightening a generation).

For some, Rose is the Dancing With The Stars equivalent of Bristol Palin, just an annoying reminder in the equine industry of what can go wrong with horse selling/buying (although she has proven she can move). For others, she is proof what can happen if you just continue to work hard and believe.

Then again, upon saying that statement, maybe I just figured out the emotions I'm going through. When you raise children, you do the best you can throughout their lives. You worry about the days that go by when you cannot be there for them. They have to survive the daily pressures of today's society and all you can do is help guide them the best you can in what's right and wrong. I think the biggest crush of a parent's heart is having to be there to watch your child fall, forget their lines, or watch them make the wrong choice. You want everything to be perfect for them but we know there is no perfect in this world.

Maybe this all boils down to faith?

I have put tons of faith in TBG. Maybe that's another reason I'm tempted not to watch. Here's this trainer who too took a huge risk and a giant leap of faith. He accepted her when many others wouldn't. It only took him 30 days to see that she was worth putting even more of his faith into her. I wish so much good for he and his farm it's not even funny. If I was Oprah, his crew would have a new indoor riding arena with heat AND air conditioning with the finest of footing. That's how appreciative I am of these people. I want to see TBG come out on top not just Rose. I would like to see just rewards for someone who has invested just as much faith, care and hard work.

In retropect, this dynamic duo has put faith in each other. Rose instilled faith in TBG as her rider to teach and guide her and he had enough faith in her to carry him true to the end.

And still now I am udecided. I think it still will come down to a last minute decision of whether to look at the computer screen or not.

In this huge event, I wish Rose and TBG the best of luck and send them all my blessings. I've got alot of faith invested in these two and it's only grown in multitudes over their time together and mostly within these early morning hours of their biggest day together this year.

I could sit here and go on and on but I've got a barnful of hungry equines that need tending to so I'll leave this post with the words of Katy Perry:
"You've just gotta ignite the light and let it shine!"

"Come on show 'em what you're worth"


PC said...

Don't leave us hanging! How did she do??

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have been following your filly since the beginning. Unfortunately, since you decided to invoke Bristol Palin's name in, what I perceived to be a negative way, I won't be following you any longer. So sad, that you felt it was important to mention a good young mother, who decided not to kill her child because it was inconvenient's name in a negative manner. After reading this, I wish you and your mare well but I won't read any more posts.

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Don't leave us hanging! How did she do??


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