Thursday, November 18, 2010

After a horrendous start to my week beginning with the euthanasia of a rescue horse Sunday night, I received a text from the equine chiropractor before the sun came up Monday morning to let me know she was sick and had to reschedule Rose's appointment for later in the week. She was to call TBG and inform him later on that morning. I didn't go in to work that morning and while waiting on the backhoe to show up to bury my boy, I called TBG. Told him my luck wasn't running so good once again and I was calling to let him know the chiro has to reschedule and of course I had to throw in the question, "how was Rose feeling". Surprisingly he answered she's doing much, much better. He had jogged and loped her around a bit and she felt 200% better. Of course he did remind me that if she was feeling good enough to load up in the trailer and they did show their first go, if she felt any out of the ordinary before her 2nd go he was not going to show her in that 2nd go round. I told him I completely understand and I was behind him 100%. Even though she's on that trailer heading to OKC now, anything can happen. I've done all can medically it's now up to the roll of the dice of life.

I was supposed to hear back from the chiro last night but will have to call her this morning to hear her findings on Rose. I did talk with TBG and he told me Rose enjoyed her workup thoroughly (I can imagine she did!) and that they were leaving out that night for OKC. Again he reminded me she's feeling good now and she's 100% normal and sound but if he feels that anything is wrong he's not showing her. Again I reassured him that I understand completely. I'd rather her sit in the stall at OKC than being shown and something be bothering her. All I can do now is leave this in the hands of fate. I told TBG we won't be able to make it to OKC to watch. It would be too much out of the family budget for the travels and I've got the farm at home to take care of. I wished TBG the safest of travels and we'll stay in touch throughout next week.

I'll have to go back and recheck but I do believe I saw that on the 1st Go in the Open will be next Saturday, November 27th and they are draw #275. Again, I'll be going back and double checking and making sure I have the complete schedule right.


JJ said...

I'm definitely rooting for Rose! I hope she feels well enough to compete in all rounds! Good luck.

On another note, I'm sorry you lost your boy :(

S Kerr-Bullian said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. :(

My birthday is on the 27th of November. I had no idea what to wish for when I blow out my birthday candles this year, but now I know. You and Rose could use a little birthday magic :)

AmyJ said...

S Kerr-Bullian, your heartfelt sentiment is a appreciated gift. Thank you.