Thursday, July 23, 2009

There should be some type of Facebook Users Anonymous group out there somewhere because I'd definitely be a guilty one signing up. If you're a Facebook user and one of Rose's fans, then you've been getting plenty of little blurbs. It's been so long since I posted an update here on Blogspot that this entry probably won't be read by most until next month.

I have plenty to catch up on here soon, but today won't be the day. I have to go back out and get Rose a good bath. I'll be hauling her to one of our trainer's tomorrow. One, she needs the experience (another good 2 1/2 hour haul) but then she'll have to stand tied under the covered arena while I get a reining lesson in on Poison. The Big Guy (we'll just call him Trainer X) won't be in. He's in Kentucky currently but the two guys that have been riding his horses (and one of ours) will be there and I'd like to get their opinion on Rose as well, just by looking at her. When the Big Guy gets back, I'll haul her back down and then get HIS opinion. Let's just say this trip is a small warm up trip.
Now, to get that dirty pony in and get her presentable.

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KD said...

Okay - I guess I"m going to have to go find you on Facebook if I want a Rose update..........