Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boy have I ever been cheating! Once Rose got her Facebook Fan page up and running I have found it ever so easy to just blurb a line then keep running about my business. Basically, I've been cheating on her blog. Since I couldn't sleep this evening however, I decided to try and catch up a little.

First of all, Rose is doing exceptionally well. Enjoying her life as the equine equivalent of Miley Cyrus with her two "tween" buddies Nim and Dollar. In fact, I've even caught Rose and Nim grooming each other. I never thought I was going to be able to get pictures of the grooming extravaganza for every time I went by, they'd act like nothing ever happened but finally I was able to out wait them and when they couldn't resist the pleasure of scratching each other's itches, I was able to get a few pictures.

As you can tell, it doesn't seem like Rose has grown a whole bunch at all. Nim officially turned a year April 3oth. Rose, well, she hit 2 the end of March. I haven't measured her lately however. I did try to get on a schedule of ponying her around again with the four wheeler, again, that didn't last long. My schedule just stays too busy and seems to burst on a daily basis with spontaneous happenings (lucky me). On a good note though (and I meant to mention it last month on Rose's birthday), the bank loan for Rose was paid in full last month which is a very good thing in this day and age. Now we can focus on saving for her training. We have one more year to go before that happens. I've still got a few trainers in mind that I've spoken with and a few more to still talk to........when I can squeeze it into my schedule!

Rose's dam made news recently. I posted the link to her Facebook awhile back with full intentions of doing the same to her blog, the blog update just came a tad bit later. You can read about her recent accomplishment here (Snip O Chex) that includes a photo of Rick Ford. For those that don't know, he's the son of Kathy Beetham of the Oregon location. She was deleted from the website when all the DEQ stuff hit the fan up at the Oregon ranch.

Back to Rose. As I mentioned, she's doing well and loving life, except for the bugs. Seems that during the summer months I should change her name to "Lumpy" because after the mosquitoes and ticks get ahold of her, she just looks awful. I'm fighting back with homemade mixes of tea tree oils and alternating with commercial preparations but it seems every year the bugs just keep getting bigger and more immune to whatever we humans can dish out. I'm fighting to keep her lumps down for I'm hoping to have a photo shoot here with her very soon. I've been planning on entering a photo of Rose into the Country Supply catalog's cover photo contest. I just have to set aside a day to get that photo first!


Mrs Mom said...

Rose looks great! Nice hiney shot there AMy ;)

Horse.com has a product called HistAll that we use down here for bug allergies. The sand gnats here literally chew some horses raw and bleeding- so we use Mosquito Halt, fans all over the place, and the HistAll to help control the itching. Maybe that would help Rose's lumps?

Fingers crossed for you guys on the photo shoot!

MyhorsewearsPrada said...

Do the other horses treat Rose any differently because she is deaf? Could her deafness account for her curiosity or her people orientedness?

AmyJ said...

myhorsewearsprada, I have no idea. At first it seemed that every other horse out here wanted to kill her, but now that she's been here over a year, everyone gets along with her over the fence and they don't try to go through anything to kill her! She gets along wonderfully with Nim and Dollar. I'm still hesitant on putting her in with any of the big guys anytime soon though. I just don't want to take the chance.

AmyJ said...

thank you MrsMom! We've got til the deadline of May 31st to submit a photo and you know time flies!

backattheranch said...

I love this horse! I like the picture of the butt! Makes me get excited to get my Cremello gelding!! Cant wait.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those nibbling lips are just so cute! Rose is looking beautiful as usual.
I'll have to become a Rose fan on Facebook, too!


Anonymous said...

Ovitrol is a miracle for horses allergic to ticks. Chemical o-rama but no more swollen puss filled lumps!