Friday, March 13, 2009

I do believe I may have found a way to combat my idle time while sitting in the car waiting on my youngest to get through with her tennis practice. We had an old laptop computer buried amidst tons of collected junk in a closet (yeah for spring cleaning!). Although ancient, heavy and not very cooperative, it’ll serve the purpose and allow me to type up entries and download them to the home computer where I can copy and paste to the blog. This routine will definitely take some getting used to for sure.

I had been wanting to update on the story I had planned on telling a few weeks ago regarding Rose’s visitors. Now with all the time that has passed, I just hope I remember most of the details.
Back in January I received an email from a mom who lives approximately a good hour and a half drive away. Her daughter, Anna is an avid 4H’er, very active in the organization showing her miniature horses and completing all required projects. This year, Anna wanted to do something outstanding and work on a 4H report that would help educate others about the equine condition, Lordosis. She wanted to come visit Rose so she would have firsthand experience and photos for her report.

We scheduled a weekend meeting for them to come visit. The original visit had to be postponed due to snow but the following Sunday, the entire family came to visit. As they came into the barn, I had Rose in cross ties trying to clean her up a little for her photos and we all introduced each other. Anna and her family came with treats in hand and while Rose sorted out whether she liked carrots or not, we started the interview. Seconds into the interview, I received a frantic phone call on my cellphone from Mark that our old dog Dobby was having a seizure so I had to leave Rose’s guests for awhile. I could only hope that she would behave herself in my absence.

Dobby’s seizure subsided and I made my way back out to the barn to continue with Anna’s interview. She came prepared with her notebook full of information on the condition already along with a list of questions and her camera (she apparently had already spent a lot of work researching.). I answered the questions she needed then we turned to spend the remainder of the time with Rose. I turned Rose out in the round pen so they could see her movement and Anna and her mom shot photographs of Rose trotting and loping around. Then we had leisure time outside the round pen while Anna played with Rose and I chatted with mom and dad. With our interview over, Anna and her family left for home. Rose was a wonderful hostess for a good two hours and I hope Anna and her family enjoyed their visit to our farm and more importantly, I hope Anna does very well on her report and reaches the recognition she worked hard for in her 4H club and beyond. If memory serves me correct, she was hoping this report would take her to the Regional Finals. Good Luck Anna!!


Joanie said...

You are to be commended for taking out valuable time to help this young lady with her research on lordosis. It just goes to your character. Rose is stunning as usual.

AmyJ said...

Thank you Joanie!