Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Destructive little creature isn't she? This is what is left of Rose's feed bucket. It was pretty darn cold the night before so I decided to just leave the young horses up for the night.

THIS is what I walked out to yesterday morning.

I have no idea what she did. There's not any new marks on the walls nor any marks whatsoever on her. First thought was this was stuck on either a leg or a head and she annihilated it in her attempt to remove it, but I can't find any evidence of bucket attack so I can only conclude that it was a planned assault on Rosie's part. I think she got it off it's hanger and just played with it and stomped at it until finally it resulted in the bucket's death. This is definitely the worst case of bucket abuse I have seen around here.

This bucket's untimely demise also resulted in my doing something I had never done before. I bought actual Christmas gifts for a horse. I've always given extra hay or treats or a little extra attention for Christmas. Never have I actually gone out to buy "gifts" for any of my equine pals. Halie and I have exchanged personalized halters or blankets for certain horses, but never have they gotten their own presents. This year, Rose changed that. Tomorrow, these will be installed in Rosie's stall as her Christmas gifts. Maybe this will keep that mind of hers busy?(course the Rounders cookies are for all of them).I tried loading another small video short overnight but I woke up to the lovely "upload failed" so I'll try once again today.

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ponykins said...

Why not put that "busy busy busy" talent to use and trick train her? The easiest ones to train are the ones that are "busy", want to be in the middle of what you are doing, and the ones who run off with anything you set down. Should you get her under saddle in the future, it won't interfer with any other type of training. And, if she never gets under saddle, it's a HUGE crowd pleaser that can be used to promote your farm, entertain and educate kids,and a fun way to spend time with your horse. I've trick trained all my show horses for many years and they are world champions as well.